On the synergy of the arts, creativity and technology
What is ArtTech?
Essentially, ArtTech is a synergy of any artistic self-expression, transmitted by the
means of all kinds of technology.

1.0 Technology is more about doing. Art is more about being. We can use art + technology to enhance, experience, and connect with each other and the world on a different level.

2.0 Whatever we do, we're an artist. Technology should come as a nice addition to that, a tool that enhances our ability to do art or to do some sort of human self-expression. Art should and can be practiced without technology, simply with pen and pencil.

3.0 Almost all art has been created with some form of technology: at some point even a piano was an innovation.

4.0 As artists, we have to find ways to use technology to our benefit, to enhance our work, overcome barriers, and help us improve what we're already doing. AI, artificial intelligence or any other tech is more of a tool, and not a replacement for artists.

5.0 VR (virtual reality) isn’t just a place to do stuff, it's also a place where we should feel safe, free, included and understood. It is a space to experience things that are different, to make you go outside of your ordinary day or even escape or create new realities.

6.0 We are constantly inhabiting spaces that are designed in some way or another, and the way that we inhabit them and make use of them is really what makes it unique.

7.0 The artful part of the design of art-making is not just using new technology but figuring out how we make the best use of each media.

8.0 It's not technology but the experience of living with the technologies in the form that we've rendered them. Artful design has always been this question of not just what technology can enable us to do, but how we use technology well and what good looks like. It's an eternal question for as long as we'll have technologies and humans.

9.0 Creativity is your only limit. Technology isn’t going to tell us what to think, but it can help us to see more, see farther.

10.0 Art and artistic experiences are somewhat vertical, they are often about going inwards. It’s kind of connecting with your higher self and the spiritual, which is your inner guidance and inner compass, your intuitive feeling of living the inner God. It makes us us. That's the same meditative feeling that you have when you design something or when you are playing a musical instrument. It's kind of this meditative state, and it puts you in a special dimension. It’s gotta be your inner God - you actually figure out for yourself what art means to you. Technology, on the other hand, is more horizontal, it widens you and gives you more room, more tools to do things.

Meet the authors behind the ArtTech Manifesto
  • Fatemeh Monfared
    Metaverse Architect, NFT Artist
    CEO at Spaces DAO
  • Ge Wang
    Associate Professor at Stanford University,
    Co-Founder of Smule
    Author of "Artful Design"
  • Fabio Pirola
    New Conductor
  • Amine Khalladi
    Metaverse Business Developer
    at Exclusible, Architect
    Founder at Plei
    Co-Host at Create!Summit
  • Hanis Harmiles
    NFT Queen Asia,
    Web3.0 Strategist,
    Startup Advisor
  • Lara Kempbell

    Author, Artist,

    Founder at Artists&Angels

    Founder at Create!Summit

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